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(Starting to enjoy these reviews. Might be a regular thing depending on how much time I get with these metal monsters. >=3)

The T14 tier 5 heavy tank is not exactly the “heavy” it’s classed as. It’s 75mm short barreled cannon can only pen up to tier 6 tanks, mostly on the sides and rear. But what it lacks in firepower it makes up for in rate of fire. At 3 seconds per shot you’re going to pop a few rounds into any tank before they can run. It’s armor, on paper, suggests that it should play the supportive role. However, it’s front is angled at such a degree that it can handle most incoming fire especially when it is angled to a diamond. It’s mobility can keep up with it’s other heavy comrades so speed on this beast is not a huge deal. In my opinion, one of the most fun tanks I’ve had the honor of driving.

Shooting for more reviews. The M26 Pershing medium tank is one of the more enjoyable tanks to drive around. Similar to how the T20 medium tank plays, it can excell in flanking slower tanks and brawling other mediums. In addition, it can also snipe with efficiently. It’s top 90mm gun can hurt tanks in the same tier and most tier 9 and 10 tanks. It’s good maneuverability can keep the tank up with a shift in map control or get out of a sticky situation. Although it’s armor won’t stop all the shots heading towards you, it’s turret front can reliably bounce when hull down. In my opinion, it’s great for medium tank drivers or players with a taste for a balance of speed and firepower.



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Here’s another random World of Tanks review, this time on the T20 medium tank. This tank is more of an all-around tank that can preform a variety or roles, such as a brawling medium or a maneuverable flanker. Stock, you should play it as the M4A3E8. Due to the 76mm guns, you won’t be able to fight tanks head on. Once you get it’s 90mm, you become a force that should not be underestimated. Use it’s higher damage and penetration to whittle away at enemy tanks from the side or rear. It’s speed and mobility is just enough to compensate for it’s lack of dependable armor. Overall this tank is good for players who are used to a jack-of-all-trades type of gameplay.

Slapping another random WoT review. The FV4202 could be considered on of the best tier 10 medium tanks in the game. The 105mm Royal Ordnance cannon is one of the best guns you can use. It’s high penetration with it’s standard APCR and good damage roles makes it a weapon to fear. The tank itself has a good hit point pool of 1950 and relatively good armor. What sets it back from being THE best is it’s limited top speed. At 40km/h you wont win any drag race but the tank can maintain that speed over most off road terrain. As a medium, it’s more oriented to fighting behind it’s heavy tank allies or as a long range sniper with a gun accuracy of 0.32. However, it’s great traverse stats can make the Fv4202 a great flanker, doing circles around much slower enemies. Overall this tank is well suited for WoT players who feel the need for reliable firepower and good mobility while also compensating armor.





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AsianWarsaw’s Tumblr turned 2 today!

AsianWarsaw’s Tumblr turned 2 today!

Putting a bit of reviewing on this, the T-34-2 is an interesting tank. Despite a small profile and low gun depression, this tank has it’s ups and downs. Like it’s premium cousins Type 59 and T-34-3, the T-34-2 has great mobility and a strong turret front. When played as a hit and run tank, it’s 2 choices of the 100mm and 122mm guns makes this tank a potent threat that’s seen as the underdog of the match. However, it’s weak hull armor and high chance of getting set on fire pushes this tank to being placed on the weaker end of the tier 8 medium spectrum.

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